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wholesale diamonds

Do a search on Google, yahoo, msn, or any of the major search engines for terms like discount diamonds, wholesale diamonds, or diamonds for sale online, and you are sure to be inundated with hundreds of pages of “internet diamond vendors” offering all kinds of promotions and “wholesale diamonds”.

The problem with these kinds of “cheap diamond” slogans and terms is that it is often misleading and sometimes outright fraudulent.

Consider this simple fact; any diamond seller or vendor who is engaged in the online sale of loose diamonds and jewelry is by definition a retail diamond establishment, not a “diamond wholesaler”.

Unfortunately, in the world of cyberspace one of the most abused terms is “wholesale loose diamonds”.

Internet diamond vendors would like to give you the impression that they are offering you a loose diamond at the wholesale price. What they hope you do not realize is that they are in virtually all instances, acting as a reseller of loose diamonds. What this means is that they are basically attaching a database of thousands of loose diamonds that they get as a feed or listing from an actual diamond wholesaler or diamond manufacturer.

The diamond re-seller or diamond vendor basically attaches his profit margin to the spreadsheet of loose diamonds and uploads to his diamond website. When you, the customer place an order for a loose diamond on one of these websites you are essentially paying for a loose diamond being sold as a retail item through a drop-shipper or middleman.

As a matter of fact, when you buy a loose diamond from one of these guys, he will never see the stone before you do. The diamond is actually shipped directly from the manufacturer to the end consumer with the tags, and paperwork of the middleman placed on the package.

Many of these diamond vendors don’t even know much about diamonds at all. These are entrepreneurs or computer geeks who decided to sell diamonds on-line by setting up a website and tapping into the wholesale diamond lists of various diamond companies.

An additional fact for your consideration (one that the diamond vendor doesn’t want you to know about) is that not unlike many other products and services there is a certain general pricing structure for loose diamonds. This is called the RAP (Rappaport sheet) list. The pricing factors are based on the diamond shape, diamond color, diamond clarity, and diamond carat weight.

The bottom line is that there is no such thing as a wholesale diamond being sold on the internet, or anywhere else. The diamond reseller, or vendor doesn’t give you the wholesale diamond price simply because he needs to make a living too. If he gave you the diamond at his cost he wouldn’t be much of a salesman, would he?

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The advertisement of “wholesale diamonds” is therefore unethical, and misleading. It is also a falsehood.

At www.zoara.com we do not sell “wholesale diamonds”. We are also not acting as middlemen to blindly drop ship diamonds to our customers.

We are third and fourth generation diamond manufacturers and dealers manufacturing our Exclusive collection of Hearts and Arrows Diamonds. These are loose ideal cut diamonds that are also AGS-0 Diamonds, cut to the highest standards for diamond precision and brilliancy.

With us, there is no empty rhetoric. You may not get a “wholesale diamond” but you will get the closest price to it. Our margins are very small and we give you tremendous value by including all kinds of scientific reports, photos, and documentation with your loose diamond.

When you buy a loose diamond online with us, you know what you are getting:

No blind drop shipping.

No computer guy turned “diamond guru”,or “Diamond expert”.

No claims of “diamonds below wholesale”.

Top quality loose diamonds and jewelry.

Comprehensive and detailed diamond reports and information.

Personalized attention and commitment to customer satisfaction.

We certainly hope you will join our thousands of happy online diamond and jewelry customers.